Mike Stricklin is one of the best photographers I have ever had the pleasure to work with! He is very personable, reliable and service-oriented. I use him on every listing. - John Bolin - Allen Tate Gastonia 

Mike Stricklin has been a professional photographer for 18 years. I love looking through the lens knowing the result will help someone else. I love what I do. 

I have photographed over 9,000 homes, apartments and commercial projects.

​You can trust me with yours!

LIKE WHAT YOU SEE?                        And I'll be there for you! 

Thank you for all you have done to help us grow our business and sell more homes! You are the best I have worked with in the last 25 years and I appreciate you so much!                                                    Cathy Young - Allen Tate Gastonia

Mike's ability to capture the architectural highlights of the structure of the room is incredible. His pictures often capture nuances that escaped my eye at first.  His pictures of Webb Custom Kitchen are utilized in my advertising, website, social media and have even graced an article on Webb Custom Kitchen in Architectural Digest. My choice of photographer when a picture is needed to say a thousand words.                     Jim Morasso Owner/Webb Custom Kitchen 

If you own a hotel or bed & breakfast... using professional photography is an absolute must. .


Gaston NC Photo

If you own a business and have a website, enhance your site with professional photography of your business. 

If a picture is worth a thousand words... then what's a bad picture worth? You've ONLY got one chance! 

I have shot many vacations homes, but this yacht was truly unique.   


Vacation Rental



Photography is crucial in marketing a listing in this online world. Remember a photo can make a bad home look good or a good home bad. 

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photography by Mike stricklin